Cindy Nell-Roberts

I loved the experience at The Dental Spa. Generally I am petrified of going to the dentist but at The Dental Spa I know they always do their best to be gentle, take their time and make me feel at ease with every step. They use the latest greatest equipment to show you exactly what the problems are and work with you to find the best suited and permanent solution.

They discuss costing with you which I think anyone would like since medical bills can be a bit of a surprise for most people. And mostly Dr. Walter Reynecke is really good at what he does and with him I always feel safe, cared about and trust in the outcome.

Finding good dentists is hard and very few people ever do. The Dental Spa offer other services which makes them a one stop shop for many of your aesthetic and health requirements, it’s also wonderful to know your dentist offer a 24hour emergency service for those days you never thought you would need it.