Have you ever wondered how people get their teeth beautiful brilliant white?


That appealing smile that , reflects self-confidence and stand for success, youth and vitality. Your dentist offers an opportunity for bleaching your teeth , simply and gently overnight.

 Several years ago, brightening one’s smile, could have meant a series of treatments such costly crowns and veneers at the expense of a healthy tooth substance. Due to the recent progress in modern dentistry, teeth that are dark, stained or discoloured can now be bleached with gentle gels.


 Why are teeth discoloured?

 Your teeth can get discoloured by ageing , disease , medication , root fillings , bleeding or after accidents to your teeth . Also the surface of teeth can be additionally stained by beverages such as coffee , tea , red wine or tobacco consumption.


It could be one of the above or several reasons why teeth have been discoloured . Your dentist will diagnose the reasons of stains on your teeth before bleaching.


How does bleaching work?

Crowns and veneers would normally require extensive grinding of your teeth.

Bleaching does not attack your tooth substance. The effective ingredient, carbamide peroxide releases active oxygen into the tooth where it gently brightens discolouring pigments. SO IT WORKS ON A MOLECULAR LEVEL AND DO NOT DAMAGE THE TOOTH SURFACE AS MANY BELIEVES


How is bleaching carried out?

After thorough tooth – cleaning , your dentist will take an impression . This impression serves to make a plastic bleaching tray individualised to your teeth . This tray is then filled with bleaching gel and worn according to the instructions of your dentist.


This gel is thick-flowing and safely fixes the tray on your teeth so that it does not move while you wear it . After some days you will observe a noticeable brightening effect . Although the best results are achieved when the tray has been worn for approximately 10 nights.


 Is bleaching always successful?

 The bleaching process is most successful on slightly discoloured teeth. Strongly discoloured teeth may take a longer treatment . You should discuss the length of the treatment with your dentist. Unfortunately fillings and restorations will not bleached, and may need to be replaced.



 Will bleached teeth remain white?

The whitening effect generally is stable for several years. Although should teeth slightly darken again, this could be caused by food, beverages or nicotine, the treatment can be repeated for a few days.


Are there any side effects?

During the bleaching treatment you should have regular checkups by your dentist.

The treatment is safe for your teeth and gums. To avoid irritation , excess gel flowing from the tray should be removed with a toothbrush or your finger.

During the application the teeth may become more sensitive to heat and cold. After an interruption or the end of the treatment, these symptoms disappear after several days. Other side effects are not known.

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Your new smile will delight you and others !