Dr Walter Reynecke, BSc, BCh.D, received his degree in dentistry at the University of Pretoria in 1997, and it is there that he discovered his passion for cosmetic dentistry. With a special interest in face aesthetics, Dr Reynecke qualified himself for cosmetic dentistry, implant surgery and Botox, which eventually led to an interesting career both in South Africa and abroad.

The idea behind the name of the practice was to remove the stigma of “frightening” dental treatments, as well as to provide a “one stop service” where clients can relax while they get pampered.

According to Dr Reynecke, traditional dentistry focuses on mouth hygiene and the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the improvement of a person’s appearance; the teeth, mouth and smile. New technology, equipment and materials ensure that while a person’s appearance gets attention; their traditional dental problems are also looked after. The best part is that all this takes place in the dentist’s consultation room.

At The Dental Spa, Dr Reynecke caters for people unhappy with their appearance, but also for the diagnosis and treatment of dental ailments by providing a variety of treatments to clients. This ensures that short-term cosmetic dentistry and long-term dentistry are equally taken into account. Therefore each patient is treated according to an intensive analysis, whereby Dr Reynecke decides on the best treatment.

The colour, size and form of teeth can make a big impact on a person’s appearance. Stained and worn teeth can give a person either an older appearance or one of being neglect. Therefore naturalness and healthiness are emphasised. In the past, for example fillings made teeth look unnatural and unappealing, but with modern cosmetic dentistry a natural appearance is ensured by giving fillings the same colour as the teeth. Bleaching is perceived to be the easiest method to provide teeth with a prettier, healthier and younger appearance, but this is not necessarily what is required for a natural and healthy smile.

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